Hey! Welcome to The Jon Welch Experience.

My name is Jonathan Braedley (Brad-lee) Welch, and I am an actor, storyteller, editor and writer living in Los Angeles, California. I grew up outside of Boston near Newburyport, Massachusetts, a waspy seaside town near New Hampshire, where liquor is cheap and the motorcycle helmets optional. Living so close to recklessness had an effect on me, and I found myself always peering over the fence or looking across the border at someone being careless with deep admiration and inquiry. That observant way is what made me study both acting and politics, leading me to love performing. After years of performing in Boston, I moved to New York, lived there for four years, learned the ways of improvising and storytelling and moved along.

Catch me performing wherever and whenever possible, or at my live shows A Very Special Episode and Tattle Tales.

Until then, be a good American. Or Canadian. Or Ghanan. Wherever you come from, I appreciate you.



xx – JBW

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