The mystical connection of Al Roker sharting himself and Barney Frank wanting to be a senator.

Whatever happened to not giving a rat’s ass anymore?

That’s the very human and very real connection between Al Roker and Barney Frank that makes me want to discuss both men. They couldn’t have different circumstances/aspirations at the moment, but I think their “caution-to-the-wind” attitude says a lot about them.

First, it’s everyone’s favorite post-lap band weatherman Al Roker. Roker admitted recently that he pooped his pants while in the White House during Bush’s presidency. And the clarification on when is important, because most people upon finding out it happened then as opposed to during the current administration thought it was totally fine to crap himself.

Compare him to a man who probably did a lot of unsavory things in the Bush White House: Barney Frank. I love Barney Frank. And Barney Frank, though recently retired from Congress, wanted to be sure everyone knew that he wanted to become the interim US Senator from Massachusetts when Kerry gets the OK to become Secretary of State. He didn’t care about decorum. Like Al Roker ditching his undies in the trash, he just let America know how he felt.

I admire these men. When one sharts, is it appropriate to keep it a secret? Or are you just human enough to let it go and trust that people will find it relatable? I say we all follow the leads of Al Roker and of Barney Frank. Crap your pants and ask to be Senator.


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