Watch Your Mouth!

The recent excitement of my off-off-broadway play and all the other various projects I have been working on are threatening to come to a slow stop (or a screeching halt – either way). So it’s time to keep the wheels moving in another way!

My friend Lea Palmieri (OK! Magazine, Sirius/XM, Hello Giggles) and I are hosting our own storytelling show in NYC!


“Watch Your Mouth” is a show that takes a clip from TV from 1980-2005 (our youth in various stages) and pulls a theme from the clip. All of our talented storytellers will tell stories from their own lives centered around the theme. They can use clips of their own, and music, multimedia content, or anything they feel!

This month, we feature a tale from “Facts of Life” wherein Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) explains to Blair (Lisa Welchel) that the boy she has taken interest in is not responding to her advances or suggestions in a way she is accustomed to for a very good reason. Watch below for the first two minutes and stop at 2:00 on the dot.



I’m sure that were this the age in which Mrs. G had her heart to heart with Blair, she would make a different choice in words. In fact, upon careful examination I just think Leo wasn’t terribly good at math and had a volatile temper. But in the early 1980s, we’d just throw everyone into categories and call it a day.

But we all have moments where if we could go back and say something a little differently or not at all, we would hop in a time machine right quick. That’s what July’s show will be all about! Times when you’ve misspoken, times when you could have phrased something differently and how that all turned out for you.

We have wonderful, talented people joining us for our first show. One of my favorites, a New York storytelling pro Robin Gelfenbien, Chicago-based actress Jen Bosworth, and a wildly talented writer from Hello Giggles and UCB – Deanna Raphael all join us. Put your name in a hat and we may add you to the show, too, since each month we will have one open mic spot available for storytellers in our audience.

Join us Wednesday July 31 at 8:00 PM – Celebration Of Whimsy, 21 Clinton St NYC – $10 – Bar – The best time you’ll ever have.


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